Mimi is a massage therapist trained in sports/deep tissue, pre & post-natal and traditional Thai massage. With a background in Graphic Design, she was always in charge of her own branding but she felt drawn to my botanical illustrations and reached out to me. She was craving a more feminine and whimsical identity to represent her brand and personality better. 
What better than a delicate lotus flower to embody the sweet and gentle person she is. I hand-drew a very detailed and refined flower and chose a very minimalistic font to accompany it. The aim was to create a contrast between the two. 
The colour palette we chose is soft and muted and each shade works well with one another. The business cards are a medley of all these combinations and the logo appears in a darker shade to stand out.
We also worked on creating coherence across social media platforms in order for her to use and tell her new brand story.

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