Hello there! My name is Eva Roelofs and I have been passionate about art for as long as I can remember. 
After studying Graphic Design in South of France where I was born I decided to take an adventure and move to the fascinating City of London to open my mind and broaden my horizons.
My journey there started with a dive into the modelling world. An intense dive that made me realise that something was missing in my life. This is when I felt the creative call again!
One of my first loves and passion was always old botanical engravings and the fascinating work of William Morris.
I decided to branch out slightly and explore the world of Surface Pattern Design. After interning at the Amanda Kelly Studio in London, I started working for them as a Freelancer.
The E.V.A STUDIO was born in 2016 from all these different loves and now combines my Graphic Design skills and experience with my passion for Botanical Illustration and my love for Surface Pattern Design. My services include Brand Design (Move by Mira), Art Print and Tattoo Commissions (Yoga Flow), Custom Wallpaper Designs (The Brick Hotel), Textile Print Design (Folk Project).  My aim is always to offer my clients  an efficient, yet sensitive approach to their projects.
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