The fitness industry often focuses on the 'looking good' part rather than the 'feeling good' part. Six packs, big bums, small waists, low body fat – we are bombarded with idealised body images.
Mira and Lluis created and built Move by Mira during their London lockdowns. They wanted to create a workout platform that had something in it for everyone, that fits in with people's lives and makes exercise something that is both positive and enjoyable.
For this project we worked on creating a fresh and inviting look for the brand. We chose some soft pinks and greens to contrast with the usual harsh colour palettes often seen in the fitness industry. This aimed to attract a larger audience, younger, older or any person feeling intimidated by all the muscles and artefacts. 
For the logo, I created a font that is dynamic and suggests movement thanks to the use of interrupted lines and angles that gently lead the eye. The colours are used throughout medias with different dynamic stripes which again allow to guide and accompany the eye of the user.
Together, we worked on creating a user friendly website which would allow users to subscribe to access a selection of recorded workouts, but also access a personalised area featuring progress and achievements. 

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